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The central rating list

The central rating lists contain the rating assessments of the network property of major transport, utility and telecommunications undertakings and cross-country pipelines. There is a single entry in the rating list for each company named in The Central Rating List Regulations 2005. There are separate Regulations and lists for England and Wales.

There is a single aggregate rateable value shown for all the property occupied by the named ratepayer that falls within their definition in the Regulations. Any property occupied by a central list ratepayer that falls outside the definition will be shown individually in a local rating list.

Rates on central rating list hereditaments in England are paid direct to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, and in Wales to the Welsh Assembly Government. The lists show the rateable values currently in force for each ratepayer. Where an earlier entry showed a different rateable value, which is no longer in force, this can be seen via the ‘Superseded Pages’ link.

We have also made these files available In PDF Format, in order to view these files you will require the Adobe Acrobat viewer, this can be downloaded free from the Adobe website.

Service of Proposals:

To be valid, a proposal must be served on (delivered to) the Central Valuation Officer, the statutory officer responsible for the central rating lists. You may do this by sending the proposal by email to Alternatively you can send it by post to 2 Broadway, Broad Street, Birmingham, B15 1BG. You may also fax the proposal to 03000 503132. There is not the facility to complete and serve a central list proposal on-line from the Valuation Office Agency website.

Central list files

2010 rating list

2005 rating list