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I don′t actually let my holiday accommodation for more than 140 days a year – why should I pay rates?

If your property is available for short-term let for 140 days or more a year, it will be rated as a self-catering property and is liable for business rates (different rules apply to Wales. For more information see the guidance for cottages and self catering units in Wales).

It is the availability of your property and not its actual lettings that is used to define whether it is self-catering holiday accommodation (different rules apply to Wales).

If it is not available for 140 days or more a year, or becomes occupied as a sole or main residence, then you should contact the VOA. Tell us the address and postcode of the property, along with the date it stopped being available for short-term let.

If the availability can be confirmed in a brochure or online listing, send us the details.